Acrylic Styles and Finishes in Handcrafted Pens

Acrylic pens are manufactured from a number of totally different compounds to offer the sensible colour schemes, transitions and definitions seen within the completed handcrafted pen. Most typical are the acrylic acetate compound blanks that are available many various varieties of colours and designs. Poly resins are making inroads within the enterprise and satisfaction a extra detailed particular subject material versus colour striations. Lastly, the extra stable resins look like a mix of poly resin and solids that cover the interior pen tubes utterly. With this new compound, the brass tube doesn’t must be painted to match the resin colour to be hidden within the completed pen.

Many pen crafters make the most of all three of those compounds in our acrylic line of pens. They’re used within the slim line pen although the biggest pens they produce with excellent results. No two pens will exhibit the identical end relying upon how a lot acrylic is eliminated in the course of the pen turning course of. As acrylic is eliminated, the designs start to happen. Small quantities are eliminated with every cross of the gouge to stop digging into the acrylic.

When polished, extraordinary designs and patterns emerge and every pen turns into a mini murals. A number of numerous acrylic can generate many various, although comparable, designs and colour patterns to supply clients varieties for buy. The one disadvantage with acrylic resin is the very fact that there’s a chance of the interior pen tube being seen via the lighter shades of acrylic 13 Tips For Cleaning Acrylic Products Stains resin designs. Anybody can browse your native carpenter’s web site and look at their complete line of acrylic pen types.

Poly resins, versus straight acrylics, supply far more safety from detecting the interior pen tube, however can be utilized to embed objects for the completed pen. Some examples are espresso beans, confetti sprinkles, peas and different objects that may be turned on the lathe with out destroying the pen clean. These are rising in popularity, however do not supply the quantity of colour variations that may be obtained with acrylic acetate formulations. Many crafters supply as much as eight variations of poly resin designs these days. This is because of availability and as extra designs and types change into obtainable, they are going to be added to product strains.

Many pen turners are going through the identical dilemma with poly resins, and that’s availability. Many attempt to manufacture their very own formulations with some success, however principally failure. I’ve tried utilizing totally different objects right into a generic poly resin compound, however haven’t had a lot success in acquiring an excellent turning piece. I can thus assess that the principle suppliers to the commerce are having comparable difficulties. Some have a ‘rubbery’ texture to them, whereas others have a considerably acrylic really feel to them.

The ultimate sort of clean obtainable for our use by pen makers is listed beneath the commerce identify of Invisivue pen blanks. These pen blanks are designed in order that even gentle coloured blanks can be utilized with out observing the pen tube via the floor of the pen. Just like the poly resins, the numbers of types of such a resin are restricted in quantity. These are comparatively new to the market and are starting to realize reputation.

My total evaluation of the kinds of acrylic based mostly resin pen blanks in the marketplace at present is that the usual acrylic acetate resin offers higher colour variation; patterns and designs supply the pen turner the best selection for producing a superb product.

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