Why Buy a Cell Phone Stun Gun

Though there’s a multitude of weapon decisions for non-lethal self protection, the precise weapon you select is a matter of private desire. One can discover the whole lot from pepper spray to metal batons marketed on the web. An awesome alternative for self protection is a cellphone stun gun.

These stun weapons are simple to hold, simple to hide, they pack an actual punch and so they look utterly harmless so an attacker is caught off guard. They are often carried on the belt, in a handbag or anyplace a cellphone will be carried. With virtually everybody carrying them at this time, they’re so frequent place we hardly discover them anymore.

An attacker will really be shocked, no pun supposed, to seek out that your innocent digital camera cellphone is definitely non deadly weapon. The dangerous man will probably be fearful a couple of gun, knife or one thing threatening. A cellphone is not going to possible be recognized as a weapon he must concern. It’s small, the dimensions of a daily cellphone, and possibly will not even be seen within the palm of your hand.

The cellphone stun gun works like some other stun gun. You press the tip of the weapon towards the attacker’s physique, pull the set off and it applies a excessive voltage, low amperage cost to the attacker. This shock will quickly incapacitate an attacker. The attacker feels ache and will be quickly paralyzed.

Whereas the attacker is immobilized it’s time to make your get away. Once we select a non deadly weapon our purpose is to cease the assault and get out of hurt’s method. Whether or not your weapon alternative is pepper spray, private alarm or metal baton at all times run away from the assault if potential. Keep in mind the attacker could solely be immobilized quickly.

These efficient non deadly weapons can be found in a number of types, sizes and costs similar to some other stun gun. Some function on batteries and a few just like the rechargeable Pretender 4.5 Million volt cellphone stun weapons are rechargeable. The Pretender is available in pink or black, has a 6 LED built-in flashlight and comes with a holster and charger.

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